Cycling Diversity -- Bike Polo, Cult Cross, Alley Cats and Crusiers

Some cities are lucky if they even have a bike lane or two or more than 1 cycling club but not our area, we have more than just raw numbers we have diversity. Check out what is and has happened in cycling in the past few weeks that is left of the norm.

Diversity List

  • Boulder Velodrome OK, this is becoming mainstream but it has opened the doors to a whole new style of riding and cyclist and welcomed a few back into the community.
  • Cult Cross CX Race. This will be the second CX race already this year! Before long CX will no longer be just a fall sport! Racing this Sunday, March 15th, see more details
  • Bike Polo. I've read about this is common in urban areas with cig smoking fixes get together and play up to do this in Lyons, in winter on grass? No Way... WRONG. This past weekend's Bike Polo appeared to be a huge success, they even had teams from out of state to show up and brave the snow!
  • Alley Cat Races. I've never witnessed one so I can't even really do it justice in explaining it, but where is an wikipedia's version. Racing happens this Sunday, March 15, check out the flyer
  • Boulder Cruiser. St Patties Day ride this Sunday. The are a wild bunch, check out some of their bikes. They are riding this Sunday March 15th, see more details

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