Bike Denver's January Bike Hero

Every month Bike Denver has a Bike Hero of the Month award and this month goes to Doris Kimbrough.

Dr. Kimbrough has a surefire formula for keeping fit, saving cash, and avoiding traffic congestion—and it doesn’t come from a beaker; it comes from a bike!

Kimbrough rides to campus more often than not, and says that Denver’s abundance of sunny, dry days and well-maintained bike paths make her commute a snap. But even on not-so-nice days, she appreciates that “the Denver Parks and Rec Department does a terrific job of keeping those bike paths clear of ice, snow, and mud.” Further simplifying her commute, Kimbrough’s bike is equipped with saddlebags for hauling books, lunch, purse, computer, etc., and she also carries a rain suit in case the weather gets dicey during the day.

Dr. Kimbrough says she enjoys biking to work because it’s healthy and green, and she doesn’t have to pay to park.

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everyone's limits are different

lol, yea, and anyone riding a bike after the age of 8 needs to grow up and join our car centric society..sure...
- I have absolutely no issue going out and biking in this weather, by choice, not necessity. Now more than ever, my bike is usually more efficient at getting me from A to B than a motor vehicle is.

There are other bikes that can be ridden other than skinny tire'd carbon road racing bikes. I enjoy by racing bike when the roads are clear; however, I love my utility bike with studded tires just as well. The crystal clear skies this time of the year are something to behold along with the sunsets, sunrises, and gleaming snow; all of which you barely get to see, much less appreciate while in a motor vehicle.

Temperature wise - if you can ski in it, you can definitely bike in it.

C'mon, are you really that

C'mon, are you really that humor-impaired? The previous poster was just saying that it's crazy, sick, whacked, wicked nuts, whatever... to be out riding, due to the temps.

Try getting off your anti-car high horse for a minute or two and you'll see it was a compliment to anyone out braving the weather.