Tips on Commuting from Ryan Van Duzer

Photo Credit: Paul Aiken

Winter is leaving... we think and May is National Bike Month with June around the corner being Boulder's Walk and Bike Month. So are you ready? Commuting by bike is easier than you may think but you need to plan before you start, don't be that guy riding down the street in the bike lane going the wrong way with plastic bags hanging off your handlebars and way to many clothes for a 65 degree day.

Cycling fanatic and car-less Ryan Van Duzer helps us with some simple commuting tips. Learn more about Ryan and some of his wild cycling adventures at

1- Cold weather and rain are a commuter's worst nightmare, make sure to bundle up, wear waterproof pants and jacket and definitely get fenders put on your's no fun to have a brown rooster tail striped down your back when you get to work....and wear full finger gloves, frozen fingers are pure pain.

2- I have racks on my bike to carry's no fun and slightly dangerous to steer with one hand while holding a bag in your
other....even a small rack on the back with some bungee cords can hold quite a a six pack :)

3- Commuting needs to be fun or you won't do it...if you have extra time, take the fun route, like a detour though some off road trails or reward yourself with a stop at your favorite bagel shop for breakfast.

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