Big Goal for local Bike Commuter

From the Boulder Weekly

I love to ski. I’m concerned about climate change. And I have an old car with nearly 200,000 miles on it.

So what do these three things have in common? Not much — except that they are all related to a goal I set in March to commute by bike this summer the equivalent number of miles that I drove to go skiing last winter.
I did the math and figured that I drove 1,950 miles to ski last winter (it’s 65 miles round-trip from my house in Lafayette to Eldora). My bike commute to my full-time job in East Boulder is 16 miles round-trip, which means I would have to ride about 120 days in 2013 to make up for the driving during the 2012-13 winter. This was a huge increase from the summer before, when I biked to work about 40 days. Could I do it?

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Again, people talking about

Again, people talking about things they nothing of. Please go away now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Older good running cars are far more efficient and far better for the environment to keep then buying a new car. Please, please, please take a little time to research before commenting.