Has the new Bicycle Safety Law made us safer?

Ever wonder if the recent Bicycle Safety Law is making our roads less safe due to the negative energy that it has produced? The recent town hall meeting on Lefthand Canyon has made it clear that residents of the canyons are upset by this law and won't stop complaining about it, and then today in the Daily Camera there is another Canyon resident using it as a focal point in their Letter to the Camera. What do you think?

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bicycle law and ignorance

I have yet to read a comment in the Daily Camera, or most papers for that part, written by a motorist against cyclists that actually understands the law that was passed, what was already law, etc. Unfortunately our society takes the sound bites from news and uses them as fact when they rarely are. The news organizations are at the head of the issue in misreporting and misinforming to create drama. The bicycle advocacy groups need to do a better job of informing everyone as well so it isn't one sided either; however they are the ones that are spreading misinformation that may end up costing people lives - the news media did; the sherrifs weren't much better with their initial sound bites and very weak later retractions once they actually read the legislation.
I do feel that the misinformation and resulting heated feelings may make it harder to continue to pass legislation better defining the legal status, rights, and regulations of cyclists; so in that sense, the execution of the new laws was bad. I still hold that the laws themselves were good.

Objectively yes, but good press?

Objectively the law is good and just and it makes sense. The bad part is how it is getting thrown around in the media place or in coffee talk chatter. Had these very same laws gotten slipped into say a new trucking bill just as an add on and didn't have this huge "Bicycle Safety Bill" it might have just gone into law and no one would have known or cared... like so many laws usually do.

can drivers be more angry?

I acknowledge that many people didn't and still don't understand exactly what the Bike Safety Law actually says. I'm sure there are a fair number of motorists that are more angry than before. However, when the dust settles, I'd rather have this law in the books than not. I don't think the long-term effect will be to enrage motorists and increase aggressive driving toward bikes. I think it's best that drivers realize there is some sort of law out there that could nail them if they drive aggressively toward cyclists(even if they don't fully understand it).

That said, it's a shame that such confusion surrounds this law. The angry motorists I'm hearing about are REALLY angry about this law(showing a complete lack of understanding of what it says). They must think that this law allows us to ride 5 abreast in the middle of the street while flipping the bird to everyone.

Isn't there something in fine print making it legal to ride naked as well?