Bicycle Safety Bill will be on the Governor desk

According to Bicycle Colorado the Bicycle Safety Bill passed the Senate and is off to the Governor desk.

In a flurry of activity, both the Colorado House and Senate passed the Bicycle Safety Bill (Senate Bill 148) on Monday, April 27. The bill now goes to the Governor for signing and may go into effect Aug. 4.

"Bicycle Colorado is heading our state's movement to gain equal treatment for bicyclists," said Dan Grunig, executive director. "This bill takes a big step toward improving safety for everyone on Colorado roads."

The bill went through a surprisingly complex legislative process, including two conference committees. As noted by House Speaker Terrance Carroll at last weekend's Bicycle Colorado Gala, even the state budget with about a billion dollars of budget cuts didn't go through two conference committees.

The bill sponsors, Senator Greg Brophy and Representative Michael Merrifield, worked diligently to ensure the bill passage throughout its many votes. Their strong support of safe roads has made them valuable partners for the bicycling community.

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