Colorado Bicycle Summit - not to be missed in 2012

Colorado Bike Summit Speakers
Governor John Hickenlooper - Official Welcome

Shawn Hunter, CEO and Co-Chairman, USA Pro Cycling Challenge
Best known to us through his work at the Pro Challenge, Shawn's extensive sports background includes serving as President of AEG Sports, and as Vice President for the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets. Shawn will discuss the impact of the Pro Challenge on the Colorado economy and hopefully share a few behind-the-scenes stories!

Jeff Miller, President and CEO, The Alliance for Biking & Walking
More than 20 years experience makes Jeff a go-to leader on local, state and national level bicycle advocacy work. In addition to his current role, Jeff served as the Executive Director of Bicycle Coalition for Maine for 12 years, building one of the most well-respected state bike coalitions in North America. Jeff also serves on the boards of America Bikes and Adventure Cycling Association. His dynamic speaking style makes him an in-demand national trainer on successful bicycling campaigns.

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This year the Colorado Bicycle Summit shall return after a very successful inaugural appearance last year and it made our top 10 in 2011. As an attendee last year I found the keynote speeches incredibly inspiring and equally important were the hall room discussions with many other attendees were equally important. The amount of cycling knowledge at that conference is amazing and bringing us all together to network and discuss brings so much growth to Colorado which is arguably one of the most powerful cycling states in the union. The Colorado Bike Summit is to advocacy and growth as Interbike is to the business side of cycling business.

"I'm a racer, not a tree hugging bike hippie commuter, what value is it to me?" The concept that bike advocacy is only for bike commuters and multi-use bike riders is wrong! Bike shoulders, road event permits, 2 abreast laws, welcome of USA Pro Cycling Challenge and more are all important to a "racer". Making our state/county/community more cycling friendly not only gets more people on bikes living a healthier lifestyle that is more similar to the "racer" but it also makes more cycling enthusiast who might go and watch that next criterium, join that cycling club or consider buying a product that is sponsored by your team and give you more compassion while passing you in their SUV on that next team ride.

Some keynotes from last year's summit
John Burke of Trek (part 1)
John Burke of Trek (part 2)
Denver Mayor Bill Vidal
Tim Blumenthal

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