Starting your training off right in 2012

By now you have probably broken at least half of your new years resolutions and the season of cycling is still months away. Not good. If you are serious about getting fast this year you could go to the grocery store and pick up one of those bike magazines that tell you "10 ways to get lean and fast this year" (or was it the hottness of the model on the cover that made you buy it?). I'm no cat 1 rider but I'll play one now. Want to get fast?

Get a Coach

There are tons of cycling coaches, we even have a listing of most of the Colorado cycling coaches. A coach will help you get organized and make a plan to fit your goals in 2012. And lets be clear, not every plan needs to have a goal of "win a race this year", maybe it's just about getting fast and breaking the 40 minute mark up to Jamestown

Cycling Videos Online - A better way to train from Paul G on Vimeo.

Great Colorado made with real Colorado routes

Make a Plan

You can do this without a coach if you are disciplined (how are those new years resolutions going for you?) but when making a plan be realistic and keep it reasonable. Many cycling books and websites have basic training plans and strategies for moving into the cycling season.


Oh how this one sounds silly but if you want to be fit by the cycling season that means riding now, not waiting to be a fair weather rider. Maybe you can't get out and ride at lunch when the temps are reasonable and the sun is up, try indoor training. Yes riding indoors sucks, some watch movies, others make music riding lists but for me the best solution is to try to keep it realistic as possible by using cycling videos of rides in Colorado!.

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