The Beti AllRide Clinic Wrap Up from 2013

Sometimes a girl just needs to ride her bike. Downhill. Fast. And over big obstacles. And for those girls there’s something called the BetiAllride Clinic.

Photo Credit: Hardcastle Photography

This was the FIRST year for the Beti AllRide Clinic and with 88 participants (and a waitlist) I’m thinking they are A) on to something and B) going to do it again in 2014. And I’m thinking it’s going to be bigger than ever (enter foreshadowing). The Beti AllRide Clinic was held at Keystone Resort and was presented by the Keystone Merchant Association.

13 coaches took the women through their paces teaching them what they need to know to not only have fun on the downhill but to also do it with skill. Clinics are driven by small to bigger. Small skills lead to bigger skills which ultimately means bigger drops, jumps and technical rock gardens. Of course as with every good clinic, each person gets to decide what they want to work on.

Photo Credit: Hardcastle Photography

The 13 coaches were paired with women who wanted to learn different things; catching big air, drops, tight switchbacks, bridges, not dying, etc. There was a one or two day option (I’m thinking that the two day option is the best option). If you opted for the second day you were once again paired with the same instructors. So I wasn’t there (I opted to use my hall pass for the Crested Butte Enduro a few weeks later) but I know how these things go.

You show up nervous yet excited. Simultaneously thinking this is the best thing you’ve ever done and possibly the craziest thing you’ve ever done. But like all good coaches these coaches probably were amazing and like the perfect first date. Eight women from that clinic went on to race in the third stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series in Keystone. I’m not jealous. Just envious. Wink wink.

This is what I suggest. Pay attention to the website so that you can sign up for next year’s clinic. Not only will you receive amazing personalized instruction at the Beti Allride Clinic but they feed you good food too from local restaurants including Wolf Rock Restaurant and Inxpot Coffeehouse and they provide yoga to work out the kinks post radness. The instructors are top notch (can you say Lindsey Voreis, Krista Park, Heather Irmiger to name drop a few) and even though I wasn’t there I think it’s safe to say it was awesome.

These things are and they can be life changing because when you see what you’re capable of on the bike you see what you are capable of in other parts of your life.

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