Women's Wednesday - Racing: There’s a First Time for Everything

Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

I don’t know about you but I love having a goal. It can be to get up during commercials or it can be to floss every day like I aspire to but it can also be to do a race once in a while. And when it comes to planning there’s no time like the present. I mean what are we waiting for? For 2014? For the year after that? I don’t think so. In case there’s room on your New Year’s resolution list you might think about adding the Beti Bike Bash.
The Beti Bike Bash
is the only women’s only mountain bike race in Colorado and possibly in the country. But it’s not your average race. It’s the absolute best race if you’ve never raced before and here’s why:

  • The terrain is non-technical
  • It is a four mile course (beginners only ride twice!) (you can do anything twice right?)
  • It’s local—Lakewood Bear Creek Lake Park
  • All women. Nuff said

Team Yeti Beti (along with the help of amazing sponsors like Stan’s NoTubes and Yeti Cycles) puts on the event. The team puts every bit of their energy into providing a top notch event that will leave you with some dirt on your bike (if you’re lucky), some fatigue in your legs and a smile on your face. This is the fourth year and from I can tell (having raced the past two years) it gets better and better. It’s organized, low-key and supportive! It is a great opportunity if you are ready to try racing. It wasn’t my first race but it’s definitely a race I plan on every year.

Here’s what you need to know:

A portion of the proceeds this year will benefit Camp Discovery which helps women who have disorders of the spinal cord redefine themselves to live strong, productive, and happy lives. And this year the Beti Bike Bash will serve as a qualifying race for the mountain bike nationals that will take place later this year in Pennsylvania. I’m totally gunning for a spot at nationals (not).

Also they’ve added a new sponsor, Elevation Cycles. Because of the additional support from Elevation Cycles, the Beti Bike Bash will offer 50 complimentary entries for junior racers (ages 18 and younger). Those junior racers can sign up at an Elevation Cycles store beginning March 1.

It’s a great event. And hey, there’s a category for everyone. The first year I placed 5th in my age group in Cat 3 (Beginner). Last year, it was fourth place. This year I have to move up to Cat 2 (Sport). I imagine I’ll be somewhere stage left, way left of the podium. But that’s okay. At least I’ll be out there. Will you?

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