Beti Bike Bash: It’s Not Too Late

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About this time two years ago I stumbled upon the Beti Bike Bash registration page. It was two days before the race and I thought, ‘What the hell do I have to lose?” It turns out nothing. And it also turns out that it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

The Beti Bike Bash is an all women’s mountain bike race. Let me say that again. It’s an all women’s mountain bike race. It is truly an opportunity to see what you’re made of in an amazingly supportive setting and in a gorgeous location. The race is top notch; organized, great swag bags, fun and they even have a “never ever” category this year. I have three friends racing in that category! The first time ever I’ve been to a race with friends! Pinch me!
Don’t start with the self talk. The “I’m not in shape” and “I’ve never raced before” and " I’m not that good” kind of talk. It isn’t helpful. Not on the dirt and not in real life.

So, in closing here is what I am asking you to do. I am asking you to sign up, to show up and ride your heart out. I can almost promise you (although I haven’t had my lawyer look over this part) that you won’t regret it. I can almost promise you that when you are finished you will be amazed. At yourself. Don’t we all need a little bit of self amazement from time to time? Don’t we all need that boost that reminds us that yes we are cool and awesome and strong and capable? I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Cheri, you said in closing and you’re still going on and on.” Well I can’t help it.

I’ve seen women after they finish the Beti Bike Bash. I know the power of a race just for women. I’m hoping you’ll join me. Look for me. I will be the one running to get the free sports massage right after I cross the line and then I’ll be grabbing my free beer.
See you there!

When: Sunday, June 2nd
Where: Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood
What: The race course is a 4-mile loop with ~300 feet of elevation gain per lap featuring rolling, non-technical terrain at Bear Creek Lake Park

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