Riding in Boulder is simply the best

This could be your city too someday

Boulder Bike Story from Bikes Belong on Vimeo.

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you're kidding.

riding in boulder is simply the best? no way. there's just no way it's "the best".

let's look at the facts

(presuming we're also including riding outside the city)

1. there is a city wide mountain bike ban on 100% of trails currently built within city of boulder open space.

2. the road riding is limited and congested (car congested) due to the proximity of denver and lack of highly developed farm roads / rural roads.

I'd be willing to bet there are at least 15 cities of boulder's size +/- 20% that are MUCH better.

Boulder is best (or one of them)

To the poster questioning Boulder's ranking as the best place to bike (admittedly, it is relative - but definitely one of the best): On any given day, I could commute to almost anywhere in Boulder without encountering cars. There are spots that the city hasn't addressed, so it's not perfect, but let's get real. I don't know of any other city like it.

If I go from east Boulder to Downtown, I will never touch a street a single time until about Canyon. From South Boulder to Downtown, there's contact with a couple intersections and a small, private street, but it's all path from Table Mesa on. From East to West/South... ALL path.

It's amazing actually!

Your very point about congestion combined with the reality of just HOW convenient Boulder's biking program is, is MORE of a reason why you and everybody else should stop driving so much and use the paths. Because YOU are Boulder. If you're talking about Mountain biking, it's for the protection of the land that you can't go all over the place. Road bikes don't have to hit the streets so much, as mentioned above - so the argument about congestion is invalid in my opinion.

Thanks for the video and post!