Boulder Bcycle Stations are popping up around town

From 13th and Spruce Bcycle Install

Boulder Bcycle Stations are going to start showing up around town the next few weeks as workers prepare for the May 20th launch day. New with Denver Bike Sharing this year and also Bcycle as well is GPS tracking and with GPS tracking comes bragging rights... How many will be able to ride their Bcycle Bike up Flagstaff? I think in this area a lot. #Flagstaff-bcycle-club

Below is a schedule of installation dates for the stations around Boulder

Initial Implementation Schedule:
Thursday, April 28 -- 12:30pm -- First B-station Installation -- 3080 Center Green Drive (UCAR)

Friday, April 29 -- 8:30am -- 13th and Spruce

Friday, April 29 -- 12:30pm -- Boulder Main Public Library

Tuesday, May 3 -- 8:30am -- 15th and Pearl

Wednesday, May 4 -- 8:30am -- Boulder Municipal Building

Wednesday, May 4 -- 12:30pm -- 2600 Pearl Street (Google)

Thursday, May 5 -- 8:30am -- Alpine and Broadway

Official launch day is Friday, May 20.

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