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Stealing bikes is big business in Boulder, Colorado, and there is generally little that the Boulder Police Department or Campus Police can do to help you get your bike back.

We have a plan to change that and to start bringing bike thieves to justice. With your help, we're going to purchase bicycles of varying quality and install the nearly invisible Pegasus SpyBike GPS Bicycle Tracker in them. We're then going to use cable locks to lock them up to bike racks around town and campus. Just as soon as a bike is stolen, our cell phones will be continually notified of their location and we will work with the police to give these bike thieves exactly what they deserve.

More specifically, your donation will go towards:

- Purchasing bicycles.
- Purchasing SpyBike GPS Bicycle Trackers
- Purchasing cable locks.

As soon as these bike thieves are caught and as they are brought to justice we will update this page, and we will also redeploy the bikes just as soon as the police return them to us.

Donate now and help us get this exciting program off the ground. This campaign is all or nothing, so if we don't reach $5,000 in 30 days, everyone will get their money back and we won't be able to launch the program.


- Brian Mingus
- Andrew Szabados
- Contact us to volunteer to help us out.

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Have you considered getting

Have you considered getting insurance company sponsorship? They would spend less money on this than one or two bike claims.They have their own firefighter teams to decrease fire claims, they stand to benefit more than just about anybody from a decrease in bike theft. The value of each claim may not be high, but the volume and time required to handle each claim could be greatly reduced if bike theft is deterred or the rings are broken up.