Justified? We were just out for a light Sunday Ride when...


Driver pleads not guilty in harassing cyclists!

Read more (but not much) on the Daily Camera

Amazing, in Colorado, in Boulder County. OK, so we don't know what took place before this video started but could have 2 cyclists done something so terrible as to deserve this?

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Oh brother

Completely besides the point - but you should realize that most cyclist are very fit and will probably kick your ass. Also, bicycles make a decent weapon. If you step up on a cyclist you may just get a mouth full of chain ring, or a hand pump shoved up your (you know what).

*csp is a waste of time

In order for CSP to be obligated to do anything, a driver has to be involved in three separate incidents, called in by three different people. At that point, they may or may not receive a letter.

Note that even 10 letters will not result in even one citation, or point against a drivers license.

If somebody is behaving like that, you're better off calling 911.

Hasn't this gotten way too

Hasn't this gotten way too mean...inciting already short tempers. Can't believe some of the comments. It's hateful.
1. There's some aggressive cyclists and there's lots of rule-following cyclists.
2. There's some impatient, non-attentive drivers and there's lots of careful drivers.
Maybe if we all show some respect and treat one another with dignity, your drive to work and/or your training ride might be a bit more pleasant.

It could be that easy.

This post makes entirely too

This post makes entirely too much sense and I'm certain it's how the majority of people think. I'm on the road training (and even driving) 5+ days a week and agree most cyclists and drivers are good peeps. Then there's the fringe's, dozens of cyclists standing in the middle of the road, blocking the entire lane, waiting for a group ride to start (saw this on Saturday), and motorists going well over the speed limit in the canyons (saw this on Sunday)careening around curves on the shoulder or swerving into the opposite lane. Let's all be a little more respectful of one another and drop the Us versus Them mentality.