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Driver pleads not guilty in harassing cyclists!

Read more (but not much) on the Daily Camera

Amazing, in Colorado, in Boulder County. OK, so we don't know what took place before this video started but could have 2 cyclists done something so terrible as to deserve this?

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Keep it up!

As a Colorado native I have learned to basically have no regards for cyclists. If you wish to ride your bike down the road with no regard for STOP signs, yielding, or riding in the middle of the road; you will get it from me too. Call the cops, take your pictures, throw your rocks... I'll still get out of my car and pop ya. I'd gladly bet any of you a buck that 30 seconds prior to this video these two lance wannabes blew through a stop sign and nearly put the explorer in the ditch! Keep it up you guys, I dare ya!

yep id pity him too, he lives

yep id pity him too, he lives in littleton which as we all know is a hellish suburban wasteland of boredom and snobby stepford wives who are far too far out of his league to bother with him, thus he feels it necessary to justify his sad little wasted life by trolling a bike forum from his miserable little grey cubicle-world of drudgery. he's simply jealous of how awesome we are :)


This takes bicycle hate to a whole new level. Browsing the internet for cycling websites and forums so you can post horrible things you will do to bicyclists on the road? That's sad and pathetic.