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Driver pleads not guilty in harassing cyclists!

Read more (but not much) on the Daily Camera

Amazing, in Colorado, in Boulder County. OK, so we don't know what took place before this video started but could have 2 cyclists done something so terrible as to deserve this?

News Item: 


Contact Sgt. Mike Bell

I contacted the Longmont City Manager's Office. Anne Jordan sent me this response:


Hello, Mr. Taylor. I received your comment about the video of the driver hounding the cyclists.

If you know the exact location of this incident it should be reported to Sgt. Mike Bell, who is the head of the Longmont traffic unit. He can advise you on whether any action can be taken against the driver. His email is Mike.Bell@ci.longmont.co.us, and his phone number is 303-651-8871.

Police have been notified according to Facebook comments

This is from Facebook

"According to comments the driver has been reported and there is an officer handling the case. Said officer is interested in anyone else who has had a run in. "Trooper Donahue is handling this case at CSP. He can be reached through their dispatch center at 303.239.4501. He is interested in speaking with anyone who has had contact with the same party.?"

Clearly, the driver of the

Clearly, the driver of the car had no justification for honking their horn and not driving around the cyclists. But I have to wonder why the cyclists didn't pull off the road and let this crazy person have the entire lane. Yes, I realize they had every right to be on the road along with the cars, but being right isn't going to keep you out of the hospital when some crazy person decides to hit you with their car, instead of just honking the horn. Just concede the fact that the driver was possibly dangerous and give up ground. Why chance being hurt or killed just to make a point?