Driver critical injures boy gets probation

To avoid me putting to many opinions into this story due to its nature I will be brief and link to the story on this in the Daily Camera This incident happened sometime over the past summer at the new crosswalk on 28th in front of Safeway near iris. Many will blame the crosswalk, some will say the parent, even though they had the legal right to ride through, should have stopped to check traffic, and who know what else will come up. If you are passionate about this you might want to follow the comments on this and the dailycamera throughout the day.

Here are some comments

"The person who directed the installation of the crosswalk should be in court, not this poor victim."

"I blame the city. If someone dashed out on a bike in front of you, you wouldn't necessarily have time to stop. That is exactly the experience that a driver can have when encountering one of these strange street-level yellow-blinking crossing things for the first time. I remember the experience: it was jarring. When you haven't seen this type of apparatus before, you don't know how to react to it. "

"This is Boulder's fault, not the poor driver or the poor mother, or the poor little kid. These crosswalks are scary for both drivers and peds. I would say that in the last five years I have had at least 20 close calls myself. "

"The only blame here belongs to the teen driver. The law requires him to stop. He didn't stop. End of story. He should have gotten jail time instead of being allowed to cop a plea. "

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The judge's comment

That's what makes me mad - "It is very serious, in terms of the consequences," Archuleta told the teen. "But not that you should ascribe too much blame to yourself in that your intent was not to harm anyone."

Gee, he didn't intend to hurt anyone so it's OK. Wow.