Women's Wednesday - Are You Scared to Ride Your Bike?

Author: Cheri Felix

In case you are busy and you are wondering if this article is worth your time I have a short quiz for you.

True or False

1. Have you ever felt intimidated by trying new things?

2. Have you ever wondered if you had the right gear, bike or skill set?

3. Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough to join a group, try a new sport (like mountain biking) or try a race for the first time?

4. Have you ever thought that all the other kids were better than you so you should just take up stamp collecting?

5. Have you ever felt overwhelmed at the idea of walking into a bike shop to look at bikes?

If you answered YES to any of these you should totally stick with me and if you answered YES to three or more you should always read my articles and if you answered YES to ALL of them you should follow me on Twitter and seek out my friendship. Because I am your girl. 

Someone gave me a BIG compliment today. They said (among other things) (okay they said I was funny) that I am inclusive. Huge props. So it made me think of you. I want every woman who is interested in mountain biking to do it. Don't worry if you had an accident back in college or if your old boyfriend took you on a long ride and you hated it. Don't worry if you only have dolphin shorts or shorts from Target or if your bike is from Target or if you have to borrow your kid's bike. Don't worry if you don't know which brake is for which tire or if you don't know a 26 from a 29er.

Seriously. Don't worry about it. Listen people often mistake my passion for skills and competency. I am awesomely average. Really what lies beneath my weekly desire to wash my bike and my twice yearly trips to ride my bike in places that scare the shit out of me and my nonstop chatter about all things bike is simply my passion for mountain biking. I love it. I love seeing how it lights a fire under my friends. I love seeing young girls find confidence on the trail and I love coaching high school kids so that I get to watch them find something that makes them feel like they are enough.

So, get the bike out. Put some shorts on. Maybe a chamois too. Flats or clip less. Who cares. Wear a helmet. Join a group or start a group on Facebook. Plan a weekly ride with friends and take beer with you and a camp chair so you can enjoy the art of après. Ride like no one else is watching. Do not let those stupid thoughts of "They are better than me" or "I don't know what kind of questions to ask at the bike shop" get you down. Lock that crap in the closet. I for one am here for you. Ask me anything. What is holding you back?
This is your one shot at your life. It's going by fast. What more can I say? Get on your bike.

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