Tuesday Coffee Talk - Why aren't you commuting by bike this month?

Did you know that this month in Boulder and Colorado is Bike to Month with June 26th being the big Bike to Work day. So are you doing your part? Are you finding ways you can use the bike more in your life besides just for exercise? What creative ways are you integrating the bike into your lifestyle or what is blocking you from doing so?

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are you referring to the

are you referring to the Amateur Hour effect? Because I've seen Bear Creek / Boulder Creek paths become extremely dangerous on BTWD. It would be nice if the Bike To Work organizers would see fit to teach some safety / awareness courses to the participants. I've seen cops registering bikes at the breakfast stops. How awesome would it be (and a good learning experience for both parties) if the cops would give a quick Safety 101 on vehicle code, bike safety, and how it should apply to commuting. I see SO MUCH illegal stuff being pulled by the one-day-a-year BTWD crowd... argh. OK I'll stop ranting now.

I'd say the same as Over the

I'd say the same as Over the Hype. I commute when I can 365 and am lucky to have a job that offers both flexibility and mostly casual dress. However with my job focus having been shifted to more customer-facing stuff, there have been a flurry of customer visits in June that have required me being in to work extra early to do presentation prep and soforth, and being a woman means doing the whole suit/heels/hair/makeup thing too (ugh) so it's forced me to drive more frequently than I'd like.