Are you a Stravasshole?

Stravasshole : an individual Strava-ing at the expense of common courtesy.

Strava is fun and I like to go "Strava-ing on the weekends". For those unfamilier with this term, Strava is a the ability to track your rides with GPS AND (most importantly) compete not in real-time with other riders of the road or trail for the fastest time. There are other products that provide rich GPS ride tracking like Ride with GPS and MapMyRide is getting into KOM's as well but Strava isn't about it's GPS technical excellence it's all about public display of winning. But like any disruptive technology that hits the market like Facebook, Twitter or camera phones, bad uses arise and with Strava these people are called Stravassholes.

Recently on MTBR Forums a Post about Stravassholes was made

So over the last year or so the rides tracked on Strava here in the FR have blown thru the roof, especially in the Golden area. the lookout road climb had always been a biggie but now there are tons of UH and DH segments on dirt all over Chimney, WR, NTM, STM, etc. Initially I was hooked, I was riding better when I knew I was on the clock. Since however, realized its clearly a double edge sword. Was ascending last week, some ***** comes whipping around, saw me and shouted "STRAVA! coming thru"...didn't bother to yield and blew by. not a huge deal, wide section of the trail, but got me wondering what the FR will be like when the entire FR is full of Stravons killling each other for the KOM. oh well.

Ways you are a Stravasshole
  • Choosing a Strava Segment due to favorable winds
  • Stravaing while in a pack, no, this is a solo thing
  • Descending in a bubble and yelling "Strava"
  • Posting your Strava account link on your resume
  • Add your ways in the comments below

Are we becoming Stravassholes with this new technology?

I posted this question to Facebook recently and got some interesting feedback, as one person said, Assholes are Assholes, Strava just gave them a platform to amplify it.

But I like Strava as it allows us to do something not so easily done before and to use it in innovative ways like create a race without ever having a race or easily see how my climbing or descending compares to my peers or just for myself and how I perform on my weekly personal hard ride day. With tools like Strava one could create a entire race series for a Summer and never have to get a permit, have insurance or get it sanctioned, how cool would that be?! It can also be very disheartening at times like when I blew a personal record on NCAR last week only to find out that put in me 39th place (I'm not even going to try to beat the downhill segment).

If you haven't tried Strava or any of the Strava like products (Ride with GPS, MapMyRide, or MyTracks (Google)) than be cautious, it can be addictive and if you have any bit of asshole in you then it will get amplified and your inner Stravasshole will come out.

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"compell" - An obvious

"compell" - An obvious typographical error, but you nailed me.

There isn't anything funny about riding in fear that some asshole might be packing.

Compelling someone to move for the sake of a strava exploit is bullshit, but strava is not evil just b/c you don't like it.

If you really are an NRA

If you really are an NRA member, I can only assume you're familiar with crime stats and countless times each day that legally carried weapons are used to stop crimes. If you are also familiar with the story of sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs (google it if you are not). Why would you pity the sheepdog? I pity the sheep and thank god we have sheepdogs.


Are you sure you're not confusing "pity" with "condescension"? "Condescension though, lots of condescension."
Someone who carries legally would probably pity you if you fell victim to someone's evil intentions and didn't have the ability to defend yourself assuming you couldn't run away. Flight can be an option. Feeling sorry for someone because you feel they are misguided doesn't warrant pity. You should voice your opinion honestly and say people who carry are stupid and you are much smarter than they are. Isn't that really what you intended to say?

Nope, Pity is the word I wanted

I flat out feel sorry for people that live their lives in so much fear of something that has a statistical unlikelihood of happening. It's the equivalent of carrying a spare fork on a ride. Sure, it might break, but why bother with the inconvenience?

So, yeah, given that I understand the odds, I am much smarter than they are. I'm glad we agree.

You are the epitome of a

You are the epitome of a sheep. You don't think there's a risk of being confronted by the wolf, which is your choice. And maybe if you live in Boulder, you could be right that there's little risk of an event where you may wish you were armed and could protect yourself or others if need be.

But, don't think for a minute there aren't plenty of places out there where the risks are sufficient such that carry a weapon isn't such a bad idea. You won't hear about them on NBC/CBS/ABC/MSNBC... but there are stories every day about someone stopping a home invasion or stopping a robbery or whatever with their legally owned/carried weapon.

Let's just hope the day never comes where you're placed in such a situation and because you just didn't think there was any risk at all, you couldn't be bothered to be prepared.

You won't get my pity

Are you OK?

I'm truly sorry you had to undergo whatever traumatic experience that has so affected your world view. If I could, I would just reach right through the computer and give you a hug.

I trust you have a therapist to work out these issues. If you don't, you should. Either way, you should address your delusions of grandeur regarding your hero complex. Perhaps you could request medication. You should certainly mention that you own a gun.

There you go with the

There you go with the condescension again.

I'm curious if you think everyone who is prepared for the unexpected and who perhaps even have been involved in a situation where they used a weapon (notice I didn't say fired) to prevent escalation all have a hero complex or that their worldview is twisted?