Are you a Stravasshole?

Stravasshole : an individual Strava-ing at the expense of common courtesy.

Strava is fun and I like to go "Strava-ing on the weekends". For those unfamilier with this term, Strava is a the ability to track your rides with GPS AND (most importantly) compete not in real-time with other riders of the road or trail for the fastest time. There are other products that provide rich GPS ride tracking like Ride with GPS and MapMyRide is getting into KOM's as well but Strava isn't about it's GPS technical excellence it's all about public display of winning. But like any disruptive technology that hits the market like Facebook, Twitter or camera phones, bad uses arise and with Strava these people are called Stravassholes.

Recently on MTBR Forums a Post about Stravassholes was made

So over the last year or so the rides tracked on Strava here in the FR have blown thru the roof, especially in the Golden area. the lookout road climb had always been a biggie but now there are tons of UH and DH segments on dirt all over Chimney, WR, NTM, STM, etc. Initially I was hooked, I was riding better when I knew I was on the clock. Since however, realized its clearly a double edge sword. Was ascending last week, some ***** comes whipping around, saw me and shouted "STRAVA! coming thru"...didn't bother to yield and blew by. not a huge deal, wide section of the trail, but got me wondering what the FR will be like when the entire FR is full of Stravons killling each other for the KOM. oh well.

Ways you are a Stravasshole
  • Choosing a Strava Segment due to favorable winds
  • Stravaing while in a pack, no, this is a solo thing
  • Descending in a bubble and yelling "Strava"
  • Posting your Strava account link on your resume
  • Add your ways in the comments below

Are we becoming Stravassholes with this new technology?

I posted this question to Facebook recently and got some interesting feedback, as one person said, Assholes are Assholes, Strava just gave them a platform to amplify it.

But I like Strava as it allows us to do something not so easily done before and to use it in innovative ways like create a race without ever having a race or easily see how my climbing or descending compares to my peers or just for myself and how I perform on my weekly personal hard ride day. With tools like Strava one could create a entire race series for a Summer and never have to get a permit, have insurance or get it sanctioned, how cool would that be?! It can also be very disheartening at times like when I blew a personal record on NCAR last week only to find out that put in me 39th place (I'm not even going to try to beat the downhill segment).

If you haven't tried Strava or any of the Strava like products (Ride with GPS, MapMyRide, or MyTracks (Google)) than be cautious, it can be addictive and if you have any bit of asshole in you then it will get amplified and your inner Stravasshole will come out.

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Here you go

Because 303 seems to be turning into a gun/ crime blog, here's what there FBI had to say about guns and crime in 1994. It should be noted that reported violent crime in 1994 was 1,688,540 (pop. 263.13 million) and 2012 was 1,214,462 (pop. 313.91 million). Assuming people have not gotten nicer to each other, 1994 should be relatively valid.


Crime down by roughly a

Crime down by roughly a quarter, population up by a fifth. You forgot the very significant increase in gun ownership during the same period. If the leftists truly cared, really truly cared about reducing crime , they'd be campaigning for even more gun ownership and relaxed concealed carry laws. They don't, they're all about registration (aka pre-confiscation) and increased power for the govt.

Yes... I am a stravasshole and I defend it

This has always been a topic for me that I love. Considering how Social Media has completely transformed rides into a 'virtual reality' I'm not in the slightest, at all, in any way shape or form concerned about the evolution of Strava and what it does for my rides and my buddies that I try to beat up every week. Is it really Strava that is to blame? Is it Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Oh wait, let me take a selfie of me writing on this computer really quick... ok, there, got it. Let me create a clever hashtag first before I post (i digress)

I mean really, Strava is what it is. Have you ever heard the phrase "don't hate the player..." yes, you have. And you know deep down inside Strava, guns, pot, trail erosion, and 29" bikes are simply catalysts for D bags. If Strava was to blame (in your world), then I blame pencils! Yep, pencils... the ol' #2. I blame pencils for making me write shit that has nothing to do with anything. I blame that #2 for making decisions for me that were not what the teacher was teaching. Get my irony? Probably not... let me continue.

In a nutshell, d bags are d bags. Don't get caught up on something so trivial and make generalizations about things that are so completely random. Sorry to group the 29" crowd in there but I really hate listening to the fact that you think your bike is better than my 26" despite the fact that Strava notes how I have kicked your ass for the last several rides. "Dont hate the player..." (seemed fitting to add that in right there)

Its all about courtesy and manners. Its about being aware of the obvious (like not throwing your used fucking GU packet on the trail) and how the Front Range is highly coveted by all. We as bikers simply need to better ambassadors to the obvious. That's a huge statement so please take a moment to absorb.

Don't blame Strava. Strava has nothing to do with it.

And for those of you who speak and position arguments in absolutes, get over yourself.

Excuse me, but... wouldn't a

Excuse me, but... wouldn't a statement like "Strava has nothing to do with it" be an absolute. You know, no room for discussion, no admission of shades of grey. No possibility for Strava contributing to the problem. Nope. Just black/white. You have decreed that Strava is absolutely innocent.

Get over yourself.

Old and Alone

Reading through these comments I could not help but thinking, "What a bunch of self-absorbed jerks!" Strava is a fabulous tool for someone like me: 65 y/o former racer in quad bypass recovery, 150 miles away from the nearest road bike race, challenging myself without the support of a group of riders, tracking my progress after hitting bottom physically. I even started a virtual "cycling club" for people with heart disease. We are not competing, we are motivating each other. I agree with "Cheers Bro" - get over yourselves!