Tuesday Coffee Talk - Do you know a Pathlete?

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I knew a pathlete once, I just graduated from college, moved to Boulder and was living the dream (with a day job though). I had a co-worker that would ride his mountain bike at lunch on the Boulder Creek path from East Boulder to Eben G Fine park and back... and he would time it. I told him once that he should consider riding on the roads which his reply was, "Are you crazy, it's dangerous on the roads!" Yet he would complain non-stop about runners and other users of the multi-path trail and crashed twice in 2 years as a result of his "rides". In short, he was an a$$hole of the trail or better known as a Pathlete

Originating from the word combination of bike path and athlete / triathlete, a PATHLETE is a cyclist who rockets down bike paths in full race gear, blowing by kids, old ladies, dogs, strollers.

The Pathlete does not actually however compete in organized activities, just a poser trying to impress the uneducated.

From Urban Dictionary and theirs more on that link

There are the obvious pathletes of the path and then the less suspecting ones like the highly skilled cyclists who feels very comfortable coasting at 15-20mph on their return flight from multi hill repeats in the mountains and probably IS pretty safe except the feeling they give the people they pass with 3 inches to spare. They too are pathletes as well.

Don't be a Pathlete and don't let friends ride like Pathletes too

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Help us understand. If

Help us understand. If someone rags on another cyclist because they aren't behaving exactly like you want them to, that's okay. But, if someone points out, albeit not very graciously, that pedestrians on the paths are often guilty of bad behavior, too... that makes you ashamed?