USA Cycling loses lawsuit against Colorado racer

The local cycling association branch of USA Cycling in Colorado recently lost in a lawsuit against local Colorado 35+ Cat 4 racer. The lawsuit was brought because the racer had complained that the association had not correctly accounted for his results at 4 races in 2012. The racer in one case had been given 18th place when he should have received 14th, other results were far further down the results board to affect any BAR placing but he wanted those results reflected in the results posted online. The rider had protested at the race site where every time his result was adjusted as fairly as possible given the information available but not always to the result the racer wanted. Under anonymity a official had this to say, "We do our best to provide fair results but you have to understand this racer protests EVERY race they enter, let's say he is a regular with the judges". According to court document this racer had protested 22 races in 2012 and this case is only dealing with 4 of them. The judge also was baffled by the plaintiff in that he was not looking for any financial recourse from the lawsuit, he was just asking for a total of 6 upgrade points, 3 BAR points and updated results. After winning the lawsuit and receiving the points the rider also received an upgrade to Cat 3 When asked what he will do now that he is a 3 his response was, "Switch to Stava based racing".

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