Apex's Enchanted Forest may become 1-way route

Found via NetCairns

Looks like Jefferson County is attempting to stop "shuttling" at Apex by preventing downhill traffic through the enchanted forest section of Apex Park. Additionally they will be installing control devices and designate trails on Apex Trail to restrict downhill biking.

Ride this trail while you still can. Jefferson County Open Space is going to *ELIMINATE* descending bike traffic on Enchanted Forest with a decision being ratified on October 1st. You can attend the meeting to voice your opposition as well as email Jefferson County officials at the email addresses below.

The link to the park modification plan: http://www.co.jefferson.co.us/jeffco/openspace_uploads/apex_doc_2009.pdf

COMBA is helping in this effort by providing an email alias which will send your thoughts to the appropriate officials in Jefferson County: SaveApex@comba.org

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