Anti War Critical Mass Demonstration Boulder

This happened yesterday, Oct 7,

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ridiculous way to demonstrate

Well, it looks like a group of 30 misguided idiots just made ZERO political impact while simultaneously fueling driver vs. cyclist tension even further. This probably makes it just a little bit MORE dangerous for the rest of us to ride in Boulder. Great job guys.

I'm all for APPROPRIATE means of demonstration, but seriously guys. . .have you created any momentum for your cause?

Just a careless way to go about things.

And let me tell you how I really feel. I can't stand critical mass. It does more harm than good.

why get the bike involved in it?

Aren't critical mass for "taking back the roads" not as a means to protest something unrelated to cycling? They could have keep the bike out of the picture and just walked down there to protest or even drove and parked their cars in the intersection but no, had to drag the bike into this one..... Now folks will think its those stupid bikers again!


The bearded guy said that blocking the street in protest was "to remind people that we've been inconvenienced" and he notes lack of healthcare and resources for schools. He then says, "we're going to take the streets back."

So basically, since we have been "inconvenienced" (meaning resources diverted from important things to pay for war), his plan is actually to inconvenience the citizens of his own town by blocking traffic?


I will say this. Listening to these guys try to provide a rationale for this behavior certainly makes a good argument for the need to improve education.