Denver Streets are seeing more accidents with Cyclists

According to the Denver Police and the Westword accidents with cyclists for 2012 has already surpassed that of 2010 with 228 as of July 8. What's going on? Some will say this is to be expected, as we see more cyclists take to the street statistically we will see more accidents. Others are complaining that drivers just don't "get it" in how to co-exist on a road made for both users.

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if there's somebody there, and they have right of way, yield, if not, roll on through [stop sign].

And while Colorado may not be one yet, several states successfully have laws that allow cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs


If cyclists are going to be taken seriously, we need some consistency first and foremost. This also means bike salmon and those riding faster than pedestrian speed on sidewalks should be ticketed.

Make CU freshmen take cycling course. Doesn't CU have a cycling clinic? If not they need one. Additionally educate the lower class in this town too on riding on the bike lane and not on the sidewalk or how to choose a route that is off the commonly driven route... do you really need to ride down Pearl street when there is Spruce?

10% of time it was to the left of the White Line in traffic going 60 MPH? Give those guy a Darwin Award! [problems with the Busstop Ride Boulder]

But cyclists are providing their share of blame, according to the Westword

On one side of the debate, some are concerned that cyclists carelessly and regularly break laws -- running through stop signs, ignoring red lights -- and put others and themselves in danger in the process. On the other side, some cyclists say drivers are uneducated about cycling and do a bad job of sharing the road with bikers -- as they are legally required to do.

"Sadly, I think it is common to talk to bicyclists that have a story about having a crash with an automobile," says van Heuven. "It's also common to hear people talking incident with a person on a bike that is not following the law."

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The Denver Police have also stepped up their part by handing out more tickets to cyclists to help curb the ignorant choices made by many.

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I think just as many cyclists

I think just as many cyclists are to blame as motorists. Every day I see cyclists ride into the path of cars. A week ago riding home from a workout I stop behind three cars at a stoplight, I'm in the lane lined up as if I was the 4th vehicle. There is no curb, shoulder, or bike lane. I hear "on your right" and this toolbag rides up the right edge of the road past the three cars and gets IN FRONT of the car at the head of the intersection.

Yeah, I'm on my bike 12-15 hours a week and have my share of car vs bike incidents. I was even taken down by a car that rolled a stop sign several months ago which left me with four large patches of road rash that were categorized as 2nd degree burns.

Over the years though, I have observed so much bad cyclist behavior that when I read about an accident in the news I no long think that it must have been some ignorant driver. These days it seems there are an equal amount of cyclists that are ignorant, careless, or arrogant as there are the same car drivers.