Support Cycling Advocate Andrew Shoemaker for Boulder City Council

Favorite Bike Ritchey Breakaway
Favorite Ride: Flagstaff -> Magnolia (only few know this route) -> Peak to Peak and back.
* rides in temperature below his age and doesn’t shave his legs!
3x Leadville Competitor and owner of the coveted Leadville buckle
Bicycle Colorado Board Member for many years
Defended Cyclists Rights in Blackhawk before the Colorado Supreme Court resulting in striking down an ordinance which banned cycling through the city.
If elected what is the one thing you can do to improve cycling in Boulder? “Bring a cyclist perspective to every city council meeting”
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“Boulder is an outdoor conference center” - Andrew Shoemaker.

I couldn’t agree more, whether you mountain bike, road ride, dirt jump, cx, climb, descend or any of those other things that don’t require pedals like hiking or running. Boulder IS an outdoor conference center. It’s a place where cycling is outpacing golf as the number one way to get deals done and our continued support and growth in the cycling industry is not only important for jobs but it supports our culture and national identity as being the cycling hub for athletic and recreational cycling. In short, Boulder is a cycling town and here are three reasons why Andrew Shoemaker is the best candidate to bring a cycling voice to every Boulder City Council meeting.

The US Pro Cycling Challenge: Andrew was instrumental in bringing the race to Boulder. He volunteered over 500 hours working toward this goal in the face of extreme environmental opposition. Andrew successfully allayed city leaders' concerns and made the event happen with absolutely no sustained damage to Boulder's Open Space. Andrew succeeded in producing a community event that showcased the city of Boulder to over 150 countries around the world. It also proved to be one of the most exciting pro stages in US cycling history. If you'd like to see the US Pro Challenge have a start or finish in Boulder in upcoming years, vote for Andrew!

Cycling Advocate: Andrew Shoemaker not only served for years on the board of Bicycle Colorado, the state's leading cycling advocacy group, he also successfully defended cyclists rights in front of the Colorado Supreme Court. When the City of Blackhawk issued an ordinance banning cycling in the town, Andrew and his law firm took up the case pro bono and fought before three different courts over a three-year period eventually prevailing at the Colorado Supreme Court, which issued a ruling striking down the ordinance banning cyclists.

Cycling Enthusiast: Andrew is a regular recreational and commuting cyclists. He rides the same roads as his cycling constituents. His favorite ride is Magnolia and he participates in the Buff Cycling Classic and Leadville. He understands issues facing cyclists in Boulder. Andrew also believes that building Valmont Bike Park was a great accomplishment by the city. To have the foresight and guts to build something that no one had done before which now has become the hallmark of bike park development not only in the front range but across the country. This accomplishment further strengthens Boulder's brand as an Outdoor Conference Center.

But you don’t just vote for him because he supports cycling so much, vote for him because others not only don’t support cycling, want to turn back the progress already made. Read some the these responses on recreation from the blueline

Question to Candidate Sam Weaver: Under what conditions would you support the city continuing to host the Pro-Cycling Challenge?

Answer: The Pro Cycling Challenge is an exciting event which stimulates the local economy, and encourages healthy lifestyles. The last Flagstaff stage was well-managed and invigorating for the community. I support having a stage in Boulder, provided the event meets certain criteria. The City must approve the management plan, and collaborate on emergency services, access, crowd control, litter control, etc. In addition, no direct costs should be passed on to the City. Finally, Charter restrictions on the use of Open Space must be followed strictly. Finishing with a Flagstaff climb is great, but having a reception on Open Space must receive full due process as required by Charter. An Open Space VIP reception accessed by paying an excess fee is likely unacceptable. I prefer the race finish on private property, or in a City park with appropriate permits. With t! hese stipulations, I would be an enthusiastic supporter of hosting the race.

Question to Candidate John Gerstle: Under what conditions would you support the city continuing to host the Pro-Cycling Challenge?

Answer: I support the continuation of the Pro-Cycling Challenge hosting by the city - this is an event which is well-suited to Boulder, and enjoyed by many. My major concern would be that this should be done in a manner which does not violate any city rules, regulations or fundamental objectives - and I am concerned that the use of Flagstaff Open Space would violate the Open Space Charter with respect to the manner, objectives and purposes of Open Space management and use.

Question to Candidate Micah Parkin: Under what conditions would you support the city continuing to host the Pro-Cycling Challenge?

Answer: I believe that funding for the Pro-Cycling Challenge should not come out of Open Space budget and that the city should at least break even from it. Impacts to Open Space land should be minimal to non-existent. (Competitive events are not part of the purpose of Open Space land according to the Charter). I have concerns about Flagstaff being part of the route because of potential impacts to Open Space land (minimally, trails should be blocked off) and the potential for injury or worse in the case of a wildfire or other emergency due to limited access and egress. These concerns must be adequately addressed.

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