Get well Andrew Goodwillie - Executive Director of Trips for Kids Denver

Please send your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovering for the Executive Director of Trips for Kids Denver, Andrew Goodwille, who was involved in a terrible biking accident while racing at Crankworx. It was thanks to him that got me motivated this year to get my crazy handlebar stash back into action for their Moustache Contest. The moustache is gone for now but like Andrew, it will be back soon.

Get well Andrew!

Want to help out?!

WaterCourse Foods is hosting a "Non-Profit Monday" for Trips for Kids on August 15th. Stop by anytime for a tasty meal on August 15th and come back again anytime from 5:30-9pm to hour hour Volunteers & Executive Director, Andrew Goodwillie! As many of you know, Andrew Goodwillie, our Executive Director and fearless leader was involved in a serious bike accident that has left him severly injured. We are taking this opportunity to honor Andrew and raise funds on behalf of one of his greatest passions, TFKD/B. Also, despite this difficult news, TFKD/B has had an amazing season. We will also be taking this opportunity to thank and appreciate all the volunteers that have supported the organization and helped us reach our goals of serving more youth and providing better rides than ever to youth!

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glad to hear he's improving

I raced crankworx and saw the aftermath of this - I came thru maybe 5 minutes after it happened and saw him down, that is never a good sight to see in a race. It was on a pretty technical descent that happens very late in the race when you're already pretty tired, and I had just been thinking that the trail we were on (lower cherokee) could use some repair work, as the past 2 very wet years up there have seen a ton of erosion and degradation occur on it. The top 5 guys in that field were going fast and there's not many good lines in there anymore. Then I heard people yelling and saw the folks slowing / stopping the riders. I was really worried that they'd be able to get him out of there easily as it was a good way in the woods.

Rest up Andrew and take care, that was a scary, scary wreck - when I heard the medivac coming my heart just dropped; I've only ever heard it before once at a race and that did not end well. Glad to hear you're recovering.

Thank you

I just found your report of my crash and news of our WaterCourse day randomly on the net. Thank you for your kind words about me, your concern about me post crash and for letting folks know about how to help out Trips for Kids.

I did also write a new update about how I'm doing and my family is handling things, if people would like a update.

Thank you again,