"What happens when everywhere you ride is gone?"


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I don’t have simple answers to that. Fall, winter, and spring on the front range are going to be a massive social experiment. The roads that are left open are more crowded than ever, raising the possibility that cyclist-motorist relations, already strained, will deteriorate further. The Boulder County Sheriff, Joe Pelle, has asked that cyclists stay out of the canyons even once the roads are passable, because of congestion and safety concerns.

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I'll tell you what happens. You start finding out where I have been riding when I'm not in the mountains and that sort of bums me out. I like my quiet roads and mostly lycra-free, Carhartt-laden donut shops.


I am pretty sure that Sheriff Pelle (like him or not) is asking us not to use roads that haven't been completely finished yet. Many of the canyons will be basic...like really basic (i.e "passable") roads at first to get residents and construction equipment in and out while basically EVERYTHING is being rebuilt. I don't take that as him saying "hey...don't ever come back...". I'm pretty sure the Sheriff realizes he is an elected official and can lose the next election if he goes too far one way or the other. It will be trying at first for sure...but it's trying for everyone, not just cyclists, we ALL will need to make some adjustments. Still lot's of mountain roads open...but maybe we'll just have to bite the bullet for a while and do a little driving to get there. But hey...good excuse to carpool and ride with your friends!!