Women's Wednesday - Coloradoan Amy Dombroski Talks about her first year abroad

Young rising star, Amy Dombroski, talks surviving and striving in her first racing year abroad. It takes a lot to race abroad and it's more than just physical strength. Very interesting read especially some of the comparisons to domestic cyclocross racing, here is one

Last season was my first season racing in Europe. I learned a lot. I had really high highs, but very low lows. In the end, I knew that if I just packed it in, and went back to racing in the US, it would have been a huge waste. In the end, I learned so much about racing here in Europe. For example this race, Zonhoven. In the US, a 'cross race is a 'cross race. There's grass, there's a little bit of sand…there's really not a lot to it.

But then I came here [to Zonhoven], and after one of the first turns is that huge descent down into those sand dunes. I got to the edge, looked down, and almost cried. I just thought to myself “how do I go down this thing?” That was early on in the season for me, one of the first races. So, after that, I had to start looking up races on YouTube the night before I went to them, so I knew what I was getting into.

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