ACA launches new redesigned website

Yesterday at 2:30pm Insight Designs launched the newly redesigned ACA website. Earlier this year the more important and complex piece of the website, the back office piece that is used by officials and staff, was launched opening the door to many possibilities and fewer headaches by the ACA staff. The new website not only fixes the extremely outdated and poorly created old site/database but opens up new online features like online registration and license renewal. Congratulations to Insight Designs and the ACA, they had a major undertaking given all the years of neglect it was given.

Hear what the ACA has to say about the new site...

Finally, the site is here!

Thanks to all of our members for being patient over the past year as we shifted our resources away from our old site and focused them on making sure this project would provide enhancements for everyone. Feel free to surf around. Our goal was to great a site that provided better access to information while also giving the organization an improved image to our non-member visitors. The site has also been designed to be somewhat effective on mobile devices as well. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them to

Online license renewal for 2010 is now available.

Some improvements coming in late 2009 and 2010:

-New Forum integrated with your user login

-RSS, Facebook and Twitter integration with our articles and calendar

-New memberships sales

-Many more smaller enhancements

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Yes, it is good news for us at 303. As a software person myself it is difficult to explain the massive upgrade they had to do to the backend that to the user never changed. Maybe I should ask Yvonne and/or some officials to comment on the new site.

And even if the news is biased we have the community like you to keep it balanced. Thanks for the comment.

Was browsing around the new

Was browsing around the new site... (no old newsletters anymore)
From March 25, 2009
Phase 1 will last for 6-8 weeks when an entirely new database structure will be developed as the platform to built on for the foreseeable future. All current features will be available when phase 1 of the project is complete. The new ACA site administrator, Keith Nordstrom, will be filling two roles during this time frame as the ACA liaison to Insight Designs and doing everything he can to keep the current site functioning properly. In all likelihood, some 2008 site features may not be fully operational in 2009 until the new site is available.

Phase 2 of the project will take and additional 6-8 weeks. This phase will include online account management for individual members and clubs. It will include license sales and membership renewals. Additional administrative features will also be included with this phase. Member should see no visible changes while this phase is under construction.