Accidents are down dramatically at Valmont Bike Park

Photo Credit: Larry Grossman

According to Officials accidents have curbed down dramatically at Valmont Bike Park after the first couple of weeks. Last week I rolled through the park after a afternoon ride and was pleased to noticed every single rider out there I saw was wearing a helmet. Maybe they wised up or got weeded out, either way the news is good to hear and probably not to surprising, more people like myself are learning that even though you may own a Mountain Bike, its probably not the right kind of bike to bite off the jumps safely. Guess I will need to add another bike to the Christmas list this year!

From the Daily Camera

Since the Valmont Bike Park opened on June 11, the city's Parks and Recreation Department has been tracking accidents at the park through reports from the bike park staff, volunteers and emergency calls to the park.

"What I've seen this morning is that they're going down dramatically after the first couple of weeks," said Jeff Dillon, parks and planning superintendent for City of Boulder Parks and Recreation.

The number of accidents was not made available to the Colorado Daily at press time, but Dillon said the nature of the accidents was "mostly, scrapes bruises cuts, but there have been some broken collarbones, broken wrists."

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