Meet the ACA Board Candidate - Lynn Taylor

Candidate #1 Lynn Taylor

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Dear ACA members,

My candidacy for one of the open positions on the ACA board is a direct result of the initiative of ACA's Executive Director, Jon Tarkington, to honor the spirit of the ACA bylaws (Article 4, Section 1), which recommends that at least one member of the Board be an official. I welcome the opportunity to provide perspective to the board from a segment of the membership that is currently represented by Brad Wallace, who is not seeking re-election.

By day, I live in Fort Collins and am a research associate in biochemistry and molecular biology at Colorado State University. I am a former racer (13 years), beginning as a high school student in northern California, continuing through college, and finishing in Michigan in 1985 when I moved to Colorado. I became an official in 1986 in order to give back to the sport, and as a means of staying connected to the sport. A few years after exploring the various facets of officiating, I found my niche as a judge, and am a member of the newly formed ACA Officials Subcommittee.

Concurrent with my ACA membership, I hold a license with USA Cycling as a Category A road and track official, a Category C BMX official, and a
motorcycle passenger. I have the privilege of officiating a broad mixture of ACA and USAC races each year: 3-4 USAC collegiate races in March and April, 2-4 ACA weekend races per month from March through December, and 4-5 national/international USAC events in between. Membership in both organizations allows me to maintain and improve my skills at all levels of cycling, and in turn, to support all levels of cycling.

I believe that the bulk of the proposed policy changes and legislative items are in the best interests of ACA members individually, and ACA as an organization. Furthermore, they demonstrate a cooperative effort amongst members to talk to each other, listen to each other, identify challenges, and offer solutions. That’s the type of effort to which I wish to more fully contribute.

I look forward to meeting you on December 6th, and thank you for your consideration.


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