ACA wins grant for their Junior Development program

From USA Cycling

USA Cycling is pleased to announce that the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado’s (BRAC) Junior Development Program has been named a Center of Excellence for 2012.

The program has played a significant role in developing young bicycle racers in Colorado, riders such as Timmy Duggan, Alex Howes, and Danny Summerhill. Duggan called BRAC’s junior program an integral part of his development from a local cyclist into a professional. “The amount and variety of races and training opportunities provided me an excellence skill foundation for my career,” he explained.

USA Cycling’s President and CEO elaborated, “BRAC has long been engaged with developing junior riders; and the high level of talent coming from the State of Colorado has always impressed me. We expect many more riders from colorado to enter USA Cycling’s National Development Programs in the years to come.”

BRAC’s junior program features perks like free race entries for juniors, road and cyclo-crpss camps, and a junior-only stage race, the Colorado Mini-Classic. The organiation also helps young riders purchase first bicycles, provides first race handbooks, and helps guide first timers with tricky topics like junior gear restrictions.

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Lets take what you are saying

Lets take what you are saying at face value. What programs exactly have the ACA/BRAC cut back on because of the reduced funding you mention? I ask because I am not aware of any. There are plenty of issues with ACA/BRAC, but where I sit as a roadie I do not see a single one caused by lack of money.

Did they lay off staff? Stop running the web site? Cut back on BAR/BAT? Stop running junior camps? Where are the bad thing you imply? The biggest gripe this summer is chip timing and that is a place they have spent money.

Yep - Junior Coordinator was not filled for 2012

Yes, they didn't re-fill the Junior Coordinator position at BRAC/ACA for 2012. Bruce Whitesel left at the end of 2011 and it has not been re-filled.

Hard to tell now as the BRAC / ACA website does not list any of the paid Staff positions anymore. No mention of what staff positions there are or who currently is filling those positions. I think there are only two positions, Membership Coordinator - Yvonne and ED/Chip Timing - Chris