ACA is growing after 1st year with USAC marriage

It's been nearly a year after the ACA and USAC joined together and so far this year attendance numbers are good. According to the ACA, membership is up and attendance to races are up for road from 15,500 racers in 2011 to 23,000 this year! Inclusion of collegiate events and some success of larger events was largely due to the growth says executive director Chris McGee. Cross has also gotten off to a great start this year with over 1000 racer attendance each weekend in the first 8 weeks of racing! No one would probably agree that this year has been smooth but timing chips are working for some events and USADA will be showing (something not possible before the union) and Pro riders no longer have to worry of suspension if they race locally. Keep in mind those were not the core reasons for joining USAC.

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