ACA releases statement on Chip Timing System

From ACA website

Everyone involved with the Superior Morgul Classic appreciates the participation and enthusiasm from our athletes and families over the weekend.

As many of you know, we are still working to create accurate results from the weekend. Overall Omnium results cannot be completed until this has happened.

Of course, the notion in the racing community is that "The chips system was in use, the results should be perfect." The reality is that no scoring system can create perfect results if the event's registration is not accurate. This simple concept defines the situation in which we find ourselves. We have a world class timing system that functions at a very high level. We do not have world class data being inputted into this system.

When this happens, especially at an event that had more than 1,700 athletes in 20+ categories, creating results reverts largely to hand scoring. And this takes time.

Other questions have been:

1. Why were the Superior time trial results so fast? Answer: the event was pre-registration only, and our officials could rely on the results generated by the timing company.

2. Why do we need bib numbers if we have chips? Answer: Chip data includes info on the rider as it relates to the ACA database. It does NOT include category data, as the majority of our athletes can choose one of multiple categories on race day. The bib number is linked to the start list for a particular event, and therefore imperative for scoring. Bib numbers are also the best form of identification in event of an accident during a race.

3. Why do we have a timing system? Answer: The timing system was purchased in order to provide deep, accurate, and timely scoring for all categories (in a larger effort to provide results and a racing experience that is similar to running, triathlon, or mountain bike races). Please note that all these types of events are much simpler to score than a road race or criterium. As everyone knows, this has not been an easy implementation, and I apologize for the confusion that is out there.

4. What do we do now? Answer: We have had a major development with the timing company, in that Orion (the timing company) has opened a North American office in Boulder, which is run by ACA member Paul de Curnou. With his background, attitude, and training, we have seen significant progress in our communication and ability to work with the vendor. In order to address the problems we have with the data being put into the timing software, Paul is working to create day-of registration software that will be shared at no charge with our race promoters. A beta version of this new product will be available in the next three months.

5. What can ACA members do? Answer: Well, you could go on 303 Cycling and anonymously post a lot of vitriol, or you could call me to get an idea of the whole picture. My number is 303-458-5538. The simplest things that ACA members can do is 1) pre-register, and 2) complete registration accurately and legibly.

6. What can I say? Answer: I want to thank the ACA community for your support during this time. We have seen quite a bit of change, and we are appreciative of each and every member. I want to apologize for the confusion that has existed over the last six months. We have been working to define our relationship with USAC and the data flow between our organizations, to refine our database given this new source of information, and to continue using the timing system, which relies on the database to produce results. It is a lot of challenge, and I apologize that we have not communicated as effectively as perhaps we need to.

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Skip BRAC and/or USAC

Skip BRAC, just make it a USAC race like Iron Horse did. Or even better just skip USAC and BRAC like mountain biking is doing. Unless you use the ACA Race Kit and Chip timing, you are just wasting your money with the $2.50 per rider surcharge. You can get USAC officials without being part of BRAC (ACA or whatever they are called now).

I'm looking forward to the day when I don't need a USAC/BRAT license to race on the road like I do mountain biking.

Amen, I doubt Iron Horse

Amen, I doubt Iron Horse could sanction with usac and not have to deal with BRAC so they said the heck with it and we'll go on our own. I hope they do well and the racing population continues to support them. This could be a start of things to come by promoters if BRAC doesn't wise up and start acting like an LA and not a governing body. That's what USAC is for now, it's time for them to revamp their model and realize they aren't the CO Governing Body for cycling. Once that happens then maybe the annual membership charges, and racer surcharges will finally go away and more racers will come on out to race. While BRAC is searching for a way to get their "World Class" aka defunct timing system to work they seem to be losing their mission of growing cycling in Colorado. Their new model for their timing system is only going to bankrupt them since there will only be a few races that use the system, and all that money goes to the timer (D&L). So the question is how will BRAC continue to fund this timing system throughout the years as it will generate zero revenue for them, and they will continue to shell out 30-40K every 3 to 5 years for new chips? Then how will they continue to operate as their bank account gets drained from this "World Class" aka bottom rate timing system. Has anyone asked that question? Or the question if this timing system is so great then why aren't other timers using it? If promoters don't begin pulling away over the next few years BRAC will help them do the job by essentially bankrupting themselves. Why not spend the time supporting riders and promoters and the CO scene by figuring out a way to operate without all the memberships and rider surcharges. Once you do that then you will really be supporting the Colorado cycling scene and helping to encourage people to come on out and race their bikes. Although I hope things will turn for the better I have a pit of my stomach feeling that we will be looking back at 2012/2013 and BRAC will be saying we should have gotten out of the timing business and figured out how to operate as an efficient LOCAL ASSOCIATION. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like they are hell bent on continuing on this path, at least until they run out of other peoples money. I for one will be voting with my money and will not be re-upping my BRAC membership this year due to very poor performance on their part.


I suppose I could try to figure it out myself, but am sure someone already has and would love to rant, er... explain it to me. What fees, if any, would a racer incur if they choose not to be a BRAC member but still race in CO? What benefits would one get if they choose to be a BRAC member? (no snickering, pls, there must be some benefit)


Just listen to your self man,

Just listen to your self man, you have lost sight of reality. Do we even want people like racing?

Is BRAC perfect? No. Did most of us have a great time racing in 2012? Yes. Is it a little more expensive? Sure. Did the chips not work at time? Yup. Yet somehow it all worked out, races were won and lost on the road, and the chip timing worked great at most races I did. I am so tired of people like you, the vocal minority, who come on here and cry and offer zero solutions. How about you run for the BRAC Board and just fix everything? How about 303cycling start using facebook, or something, as a log in method to get guys like you to put your name on your crying?

I know guys like you hate letting the truth get in the way of what you think, but the actual chip timing system is well proven elsewhere. I have raced in two USAC Nationals in the last 18 months and both used the exact chips BRAC uses and they worked great. Results were up fast and they even had real time scoring on a huge board, on a lap by lap basis in the crit. So yes BRAC is open to critique in how they work with the chips, but any issues are not the chips, as you incorrectly assume.

Post of Year

This Snould be the post of the racing in the 303 all about being negative? As an outsider looking in the racing and this site must stink to hight heaven. This is all based on the comment line to every post on this site.