Chip Timing experiment is coming this weekend!

This weekend the ACA will be experimenting with chip timing at the two ACA events happening. The timing is done by and the ACA is asking that you check out the Wheel fitting instructions before heading off to the races this weekend.

Please give us your feedback on what you thought about the chip timing system

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Having raced with timing

Having raced with timing chips faily often, your fear is unfounded. The chips can usually go on either fork blade and on several different spots on the blade.

Also they are considering this option for your benifit, so even if they do require it, go with the flow. Some states, like UT, do all results via chip timing and chip timing only. If you want to do a race there, you have to use a chip. I personally would support this in CO.

Slip and Slide

Looks like they use the Slip and Slide Mats to pickup the signal. For testing, they should water down the finish line before the sprint.
Add $2 to $3 per race if implemented. + Cost of buying or renting a chip.

The system worked well,

The system worked well, however that wing is awfully big. I would be that it could break easily if hit. Too bad it isn't more compact. Other than that, it was flawless. It gets my vote if it eliminates placing issues that might occur if camera issues occur.