ACA BAR/BAT Awards Party

From 2009 ACA Awards Party

Last night the ACA put on their first Awards Party. Usually it is combined with their business meeting which is probably why this was the first time for many to attend. Lots of awards handed out and lots of beer was given. With the large turnout they had this year they might want to consider moving to a larger venue.

Big News of the night

A large printed version of the 2009 ACA Racing Schedule was handed out and most obvious missing was Boulder Roubaix. We at had caught wind of this a few weeks ago and ask Chris Grealish about this and his response was they are just focusing on the Boulder Cup and Cross Vegas.

Colorado Racing Schedules

We at 303cycling are working on a consolidated cycling calendar that combines ACA, USA Cycling (collegiate, off road and track) and touring all in one calendar. Only a few months have been filled up but with more work and readers help we will get this thing stocked full of every cycling event.

Check out the 303Cycling's 2009 Cycling Calendar. This calendar can always be access from the right side of our website.

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