What Your Lady Really Wants for Valentine’s Day.

Author: Cheri Felix

Happy almost Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not until next week but I know you are dying to know what women want on this oh so holy of holidays. (Read: sarcasm) Now, for the purposes of this article let’s lay out some ground rules. I will refer to all women, girls, girlfriends, wives, domestic partners, lady friends and my all time favorite, lover as LADIES. Secondly, not everyone is like me. So I’d like to indemnify myself right now. Let’s pretend for my own sense of utopia that they are. Meaning, I know your lady might be different but let’s assume she’s not.

First of all, nothing says “sexy” like a new bag for all of your mountain bike gear. A few years back I got a bag from my husband and I swear it was way better than flowers. Flowers die. Bags (unless you leave them in Fruita at the trailhead after one too many beers) live forever. My bag has a place for my helmet, my stinky shoes and all the right pockets for my patch kit, tire levers, tire gauge and of course all of my snacks. There’s even room for my boa and beads I wear at the trailhead. In Fruita.

Second of all, nothing says “I think you are amazing” like a bike stand. I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say that my bike stand (another gift from the hubby) is one of my fav things. Of course after my kids. And my husband. My bike stand allows me to wash and care for my bike and leaves a hand free for my Upslope beer. It really is quite genius.

Third of all, nothing says “be mine forever” like buying your lady a trip to a bike skills camp with someone like Lee McCormack. What could be more romantic than giving her a free day off to play on her bike and learn some skills that will not only make her incredibly happy but will also keep her out of the hospital. Win win I tell you.

Fourth of all, nothing says “I’d rather you not do laundry all the time” than a few pairs of cute socks and a new chamois. I am sure Imelda Marcos would disagree but you cannot have too many socks and chamois. Clothes for women who mountain bike just get better and better. Check out Shredly if you think I’m lying.

Fifth and sort of last, nothing quite says “I honor who you really are” like buying her a new bike. I know it’s big and can be quite spendy. But let’s get real for a second. Let’s say that special lady in your life gave birth to a few of your kids or maybe she takes awesome sweet loving care of the dog you share or maybe she lets you watch TV in bed. Listen some day you will be asking her to cut your toe nails or pull up your pants. Isn’t she worth it?

Last Christmas my husband said he had tried to find some jewelry for me. I just looked at him and held up two fingers and said, “I’ve got two words for you; BIKE SHOP.” Happy Valentine’s Day!

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