The sacredness of the "Lunch Ride".

As the New Year approaches, it tends to be "goal-making" time. Some goals are lofty, some are day-to-day. May we suggest you make one of your goals to implement "The Lunch-time Ride?" Whether you work from home or an office, whether you are on a training plan or not, whether your co-workers are "cycling supportive" or very, very confused, you can take 60 minutes of your day to get outside. Studies show (from places like...Harvard...and NPR and such) that employees who take mental and physical breaks throughout the day, are naturally happier, healthier and more efficient than those that don't!

Here's an example we love from the folks at Yeti Cycles (based in Golden, CO). Let the phone ring. Better yet, leave it at the office. You can eat when you get back. Just get out there and ride. We promise you'll be happy you did.

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Golden Lunch Rides

My top 3 for Golden residents:
1. Cyclo-cross: Laps on the Back to Basics course.
2. Mtn. bike: lollipop on North Table Mtn.
3. Road bike: (hmmm. Toss up between Lookout and a loop through Red Rocks.

Who else? Where else? We'd love for you to throw out your favorites! Let's get some from the 719 too. Who knows? You might find a friend to ride with. Start your own little lunch-time posse, maybe even get jerseys. Then you'd find a better job, maybe find a spouse, etc. Why, the possibilities are ENDLESS!! And there you'll be in a few years: happy as a clam, shouting atop your bike, "Thank you, lunch-time ride!!"