Wristbands now available in Boulder for Flagstaff finish of USA Pro Challenge

From todays Daily Camera:

Wristbands for those who want to watch the Flagstaff finish of the USA Pro Challenge at the end of the month are now available at various locations throughout Boulder.

Boulder will be hosting Stage 6 of the USA Pro Challenge on August 25, with the finish taking place on Flagstaff mountain. Those who wish to watch the finish will be required to wear a special Tyvek wristband that lists the rules and code of conduct for access to the mountain.

The wristbands are free and each person will be limited to five. Wristbands must be picked up in person.

In south Boulder the wristbands will be available at Trek Store, 2626 Baseline Rd., and Boulder Cycle Sport, 629 Broadway.

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Screw the fans

Nice job. I understand limiting the size due to the location, but now they're limiting the availability to mostly locals. Many Denver and state residents will not have the opportunity to enjoy this finish. Did anyone consider the folks spending lots of money to travel here from out of state? I can see these wrist bands being sold on Craig's list in the very near future.


Nowhere are they still talking about limiting the spectators on Flagstaff to 30k. They are also saying wristbands can be picked up on race day as well leaving me to believe there will be plenty and they are merely trying to make fans aware of their code of conduct.

There is no limit on the

There is no limit on the number of bracelets being given out and no actual number limit on the number of people who can walk or ride up the road to watch the race. The City of Boulder CAN NOT legally limit the number of people on a COUNTY road. Simply put the city has no jurisdiction or legal authority and the Sheriff isn't going to do it.


by having more concrete numbers re: the number of fans at the finish, they can market the event better in future years. It will be so much more meaningful to say "we gave out 30,000 wristbands" instead of "we estimate we had 30,000 fans".

Just get your wristband. It's all good.