Women's Wednesday - ACA survey and Women's Camps

It's not too late, take the survey if you are a women and do your part to change or at least info the ACA on the desires of women in cycling. Also below is from the ACA and is their write up of the out comes from the ACA women's Summit which included a new Women's Road Camp.

From the ACA
The response to this meeting was overwhelmingly positive. Jennifer Triplett set the tone for the night with a heartfelt welcome and a challenge to make connections within our community. And from there, the room hit the ground running. We came away with 3 initiatives for 2013:

1. More intra-club/team rides--to help build camaraderie amongst teams. Many women commented that this can help to bring more women into the sport, ease tensions between racers, and help with the typical Cat 3 attrition rate. Consider making it a goal within your team to throw out a few open rides here and there. We can help you contact other teams and spread the word! Use our resources - they are here for you!



2. We're bringing back the women's mentoring events for the 2013 season. We're shooting for 3 crits, early in the season. Contact Rachel Scott if you would be interested in mentoring a race. Many women at the summit voiced just HOW HELPFUL THIS WAS when they were first starting out.

3. 2013 Women's Road Camp

This really got the ladies excited. Learn or practice some skills with the women you'll be racing with all season! We'll have instruction, coaches, lunch, a practice race, and not to mention it will be a ton of fun with many awesome women. Details are being ironed out, but here's the basic model:

A one day, $40 camp (from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.)
Target is a Saturday in May, 2013
Morning = skills clinics and learning sessions
holding lines
Lunch provided (good food!)
Afternoon= practice race
closed course WITH mentors!
Wine was mentioned for post-race recovery...

*Keep watching the ACA newsletters and weekly shout-outs for more info as we solidify this amazing event.

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