Women's-Only Mountain Bike Race Comes to Colorado

Yeti Beti team invites women of all levels to participate

Lakewood, Colorado, will host what is claimed to be the first women's-only mountain bike race this summer. The Beti Bike Bash will be run by Team Yeti Beti at Bear Creek Park, 15 miles west of Denver on June 12.

"Chris Conroy, the president of Yeti, pretty much told us to make it happen. We've wanted to do this since we started the team in 2007 but didn't have the resources to do it until now," said Amy Thomas of Team Yeti Beti. "The Beti Bike Bash is something that the team supports 100 percent as a way of giving back to our sport."

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A couple of years ago when a

A couple of years ago when a race was offered as gender neutral (race your pace, not your gender), women cyclists raised a fuss and threatened the promoter and sponsors. Are they going to do the same for this race that isn't allowing one gender to race at all?