Colorado Women's Cyclist's Dream Calendar

I hear all the time from women that "I just can't find women to ride with." This event list will blow that problem to pieces. I've got a little bit of everything here--from socializing to dream vacations with a lot of riding and racing in between. I hope to see you all out there for one at the very least. If only we could be two places at once, right ladies?!?


  • April 9th: COMBA's Annual Meeting will be a party for a great cause. There is no better way to immerse yourself in mountain biking than joining the local group who embodies it. You can join the mud-loving crew and find some women to ride with!!
  • Thurs, April 10th: Wheat Ridge Cyclery Women's Night.Tomorrow night Wheat Ridge Cyclery pulls out all the stops (and the wine corks) to draw in the ladies like nobody's business. Dana Willett ( and I will be there. Come say hello!! We'll have tote bags and chocolate...
  • Fri, April 25th: Bicycle Colorado's Annual Gala. This night is a blast. I've met so many wonderful bike-loving people through Bicycle Colorado. It's a night to dress up in something other than your shorts and helmet!
  • Thurs, May 1st: Campus Cycles, Heels on Wheels Night. Rumor has it, there will be local female cyclists modeling some new Spring Clothing...

Photo Credit: Mark Woolcott

  • May 4th: The Koppenberg. Confession: I've never done this race. But I've always wanted to. Dirt, pavement, a crusher hill, and way more fun than going to Costco--in fact, you get to ride right past it.
  • June 1st: The 5th Annual Yeti Beti Bike Bash. Known throughout the land, this is the race you should do! You, your girlfriends, your daughters, your sisters and your mom. Larry Grossman (announcer extraordinaire) will make you feel like the dirt-loving rock-star you are!
  • June 29th: The Golden Gran Fondo. I swore I'd never do this ever again. And I mean, I SWORE. Literally. But I'm back. There's a 20, 60 and 90 mile loop. If you choose the 90 mile loop, you are committing yourself to about 12,000 feet of climbing. Uh-huh. Doing it.
  • July 26th: The Bob Cook Mt. Evans Hill Climb. Also never done this one. Not what you'd call a "natural hill climber", but hot DAMN. One of these days. Ladies. Are YOU A CLIMBER??!?!? This one is all you!!
  • Aug 31st: Dave Wiens West Elk Bicycle Classic. Why? This timed event will have great aid, roads and scenery. Registration gets you custom pint beer glasses with Two Rascals beer out of Montrose, a unique jersey and socks plus local ice cream and food at the finish. It benefits the Western State Colorado University Mountain Sports Team and Bicycle Colorado.
  • Enduro X Series.
  • Big Mountain Enduro Series.
    *I know these SOUND intimidating, but Enduro is on my list for the summer. More details on these to come!


    • June 2-8: The Worthwhile Mile. Ride fully supported from Denver to Durango for a fantastic cause. *Promo-code "303cycling" get's you a discount!
    • Sat. June 28th: Vuelta de Keystone. This Fondo-style event would make a great weekend retreat!
    • Sat. July 26th: SOS River Ride. My favorite scenery porn ride from last year. I'm definitely coming back to that buttery dirt section.
    • Sat. Aug 9th: The Red Rocks Century. Gorgeous scenery, fantastic route and a plethora of great causes. Plus, IT'S RED ROCKS!!!!
    • Sat. Aug. 16th: Tour de Cure. This year has a team! Join us for the ride and all the festivities!!
    • Sat. Aug. 23rd: Venus de Miles. Last year's Venus was put off by the floods. But this year the Venus wings are flying stronger than ever!!!


    • Weds. April 16: Creative Commuting Class by Lauren Greenfield will help you embrace the barriers of commuting and allow you to "get the kids to school on time, arrive at work smelling and looking better than ever, picking up the groceries on the way home AND all with a bigger than ever smile!"
    • Sun. April 27th, 8:45 am: Girls Gone Riding. Rocky Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) is hoping you'll join them for the first of many "women only" group rides. Lead by experienced female cyclists, this will be a 30-40 'no drop' ride. Wooo-hoooo!! Go ladies!!
    • Sat. May 3rd: BRAC Women's Road Clinic. Deirdre Moynihan has got this rolling! Stay tuned for more details.
    • Sat/Sun. June 21/22nd: Yeti Beti AllRide Clinic in Keystone. I went to this last year and upped my game as a mountain biker. For beginners, intermediates and even you shredders out there. I'm definitely up for round 2!


    • Dream Bike-cation
      3F Sports is a Spanish based company run by Olympic Team Leader: Ken Whelpdale. Ken's experience includes managing more than 40 World Championships Teams for USA Cycling over the last 8 years throughout the world. And he's super nice. And he's a new Dad. He'll take care of everything. You just get to ride in a beautiful place with delicious food.
    • Bike-stay-cation
      A Beer and Bike Tour right here in Colorado. Come ride your bike and taste delicious beer with Bob and company. Ladies, this could be such a fun girls weekend, close to home!

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I think that's just about it. Good-night NURSE. My calendar is smoking. Hop on your saddle and let's roll, my friends!!

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