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Without Limits Productions put on the last cyclocross race of the season for 2009. It was the day after the 2009 Colorado State Cyclocross Championships and man it was cold. Without Limits Productions is putting on another race on November 21st and we caught up with Lance Panigutti and asked him a few questions about the new venue and what they have in store.

[303Cycling] This is a new cyclocross venue.  Tell us a little about the venue and the course?
[Lance] The venue at Union Reservoir is amazing!  Think of a smaller Boulder Rez with more trees and an old BMX track across the street.  The course offers a bit of everything; grass, hard packed pavement, asphalt, beach front, and the old BMX track.  The overall terrain is on the flat side so skilled riders will be turning some hot lap times. Both of us at Without Limits grew up in a BMX family back in New England, so the more banked turns, table-tops, and pump-tracks we can incorporate, the better.  

Obviously there is a fine line between any types of cycling course, but to us cyclocross is the melting pot of all of the cycling endurance sports. Part of the growth in the sport is due to so many facets of endurance disciplines coming together.  Look at the field make up and you'll see an even mix of roadies, mountain bikers, pure cyclocrossers, and (dare I say) even triathletes.

[303Cycling] I see you are using chip timing.  Any other out of the ordinary little differences you are doing from a typical Colorado cyclocross race?
[Lance] Last year at CYCLO X Boulder, we were the first cross race to bring in chip timing.  The feedback from the 80 brave souls who came out that day after States in freezing temps and 12 inches of snow was great.  Results were posted within 15min of each race and we were able to give out primes for the fastest lap split.  Operationally, chip timing also helps on the back end with results and lapped riders, especially as field sizes approach 80+. Overall, chip timing is a feature to enhance the athlete’s experience, not the foundation of a quality event.  

In the end a great event still comes down to a fun flowing course, great competition, kick ass expo, and festive atmosphere.   The little things are exactly what you can expect out of CYCLO X.  Our goal is to keep the grass roots and laid back atmosphere of cyclocross intact.  However, as the sport grows we want to bring in those things that can enhance the athlete experience.  Register early online and you'll get a CYCLO X T-Shirt (Charcoal Grey for 2010).  Awards for this year are ceramic/stainless steel coffee mugs, along with great swag from sponsors Breeze Bars, Pearl Izumi, and Zeal Optics.  We are fortunate as a full time production company to have great sponsors that support us throughout the year and you can expect a festive atmosphere.  Overall, the CYCLO X Brand is about combining the Colorado scene, some of our BMX roots, and the festivities of Europe into one professionally run event! 

[303Cycling] Anything else you want to add?
[Lance] For more info please check out www.WITHOUTLIMITS.co  and please review the parking directions as we're shutting down CR26 west of Union Reservoir.  Access will be to the east on CR3.5 off 119.

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