Why You Should Join a Cycling Team. According to Me.

Author: Cheri Felix

I was on a team most of my young life. Baseball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, softball. I was also the president of the Japanese student club but that probably doesn’t count does it? But I’d never been on a cycling team. Didn’t think I needed to or that I would like it. And then Team ten20 came calling in 2013 and I changed my mind. Team ten20 is a local women’s cycling team. And for those of you who think you can’t join a team because you don’t want to race but you want to join a team this one’s for you. This is part of the team’s mission statement:

“The team encourages, educates, empowers, and enables women on the saddle.  We strive to be supportive and involved in the Colorado cycling community and aim to foster positive relationships with other groups in the area who also enjoy all things "bike." Team ten20 is open to riders of all abilities.”

Did you see the last part? Open to riders of all abilities. That’s you. Not only do you get to be a part of something larger than yourself you get to enjoy lots of perks like gifts from heaven from team sponsors. Which boils down to discounts on mani/pedis, yoga, legal advice, skincare products and access to all sorts of yumminess. Now before you go thinking this is a big ole plug for a team let me assure that it is. But this isn’t just any team. They are warm and strong and passionate and supportive. We always (at least I do) say how great team sports are for girls in middle and high school (thank you Title IX) but when did team sports stop being great for us?

If you are looking for a team or even thinking it might be nice to meet other very cool women consider this. Why not this year? Why not try something new? Why not make new friends that are just like you; awesome, curious, strong women who want to be challenged. This year Team ten20 has the benefit of Amy Mechel from Yes and More Coaching and she and the team are challenging each other to think about goals. So what are your goals for 2014? Ride more? Perhaps get on dirt more this year? Race for the first time? Or maybe you just want to find out what embrocation cream is all about. Or maybe you’re just like me.

Maybe you wonder what it’s like to be around women who love biking like you do. Check them out now so you can get in on the order for their new kits (another word for outfit). They are super awesome. As usual.

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