So what happened to Alexi Grewal

Photo Credit: 303Photo

Last year we witnessed a partial comeback of Alexi Grewal in Colorado but something happened, the season went on and he fell off of the radar. VeloNews caught up with Alexi and did an in-depth interview with the former American Gold-medalist cyclist and found out what happened. Read it all at VeloNews

"But that race would be Grewal’s last. “On the way home from Durango, after I caught a ride to Denver, I was driving a car that was not registered,” he says. “I got stopped on the interstate and I didn’t have a valid plate, didn’t have insurance, and the car wasn’t mine. The car was impounded and I didn’t have the money to get it out. That put a kibosh on it … and three days later my bike got stolen."

- Interview Alexi on Boulder Roubaix

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