Rwandans, Bikes & the Meaning of Life.

I went to the movies on Saturday. It was the Boulder International Film Festival. Somehow by the grace of the awesome husband gods, I was able to watch two movies. I watched one about truth, reconciliation and forgiveness. It took place in Rwanda, Palestine/Israel and Ireland. If that wasn’t enough, I stayed for Rising from the Ashes. And this is where you come in. It was a movie about the Rwandan cycling team. And it was about the coach that dedicates his life to the team. But it was about more than bikes and racing and kits and road rash. It was about people who’ve endured far more than most. People who’ve seen family members die at the hands of neighbors. It was about people who’ve apparently decided that they want a better life. A different life. And that maybe, just maybe, the bike is a vehicle to help get them there.

I walked out and said to anyone who listened, “What am I doing with my life?” Like really. Besides taking care of my family (the true lights of my life) what am I giving back? How am I reaching out? Am I any good at forgiving, forgetting, reconciling and giving?

A few days before the movies I bought a new helmet and I must admit I was super psyched (No worries. I’m still shallow). It’s a beauty, Specialized, from Uni Bikes. And I went for a great ride on Sunday and just to follow up, the Reverb seat dropper is just as amazing as I hoped it would be. But it makes me think. How do we balance our lives on the bikes with the other parts of ourselves? How do we literally balance it all so that it doesn’t become all about the bike, the crit, the helmet, the timing chip, the fees we pay to race, the you fill in the blank.
Listen. I’m just thinking aloud. Just wondering. And just in case you’ve been watching the snow fall and melt and then fall again and need a place to put some energy here are a few ideas:

Guess what? We all get to ride our own ride and pick our best lines. We all get to design the training path if you will. I guess all I’m pondering this week as I can almost smell mountain bike season is how can I do more? How can I be of service? I’m not a rocket scientist and I’m not a bridge builder but I am a mountain biker. And I know I can do more. What ideas might you have?

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