Basic Clothing for Winter Cycling

Photo Credit: 303Photo

If you are like me, you cant stand riding inside. I avoid riding indoors at all cost and with the winter we are having its been a challenge. I have found that if you prepare and have the right clothing you can ride in almost any weather.

The big thing with cycling when it is cold outside is to not over dress (its a fine line). If I am warm the first few minutes of my ride I am way over dressed and will be dieing of heat 20 minutes in. Be prepared to be cold especially your extremities.

Layering is also key when riding in cold weather. I always start with some sort of a base layer. Depending how cold it is depends on the thickness of the layer. On top of this base layer I will wear a long sleeve or short sleeve jersey and on top of that some sort of coat. Again the coat depends on how cold how wet etc.

If its really cold outside (leg warmers and go straight for the bib tights. I prefer the tights without a chamois so I can wear my regular bib shorts under the tights.

Now comes the clothing that will keep you warm. I am a firm believer in keeping your neck warm. Its the same idea as wearing a scarf. I really like the what Rapha calls their winter collar. Its light weight and its not bulky. It can be easily shoved into one of you back pockets. It is amazing what a small piece of clothing will do for you comfort and warmth.

A good winter hat that fits under your helmet is the next small piece of clothing that is critical. Make sure the fit is good and that it covers your ears. I would recommend when you go to try one on take you helmet to make sure the fit is good.

The last two items to make you winter riding enjoyable are a good pair of shoe covers and a pair of gloves. These two items are critical because they will probably be the two areas that will get cold the fastest or the slowest to warm up.

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